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2012 Economic and Investment Predictions: How Did They Do?

One of the more interesting myths in the investment world is that large financial institutions, with their access to mountains of data pored over by teams of staff economists, can determine where the markets are going and profit accordingly.  Gullible … Continue reading

“Real” Financial Planning As Told By The Goldbanded Jobfish

Recent headline stories revealed that fish mislabeling was rampant through the U.S and as high as 40%-60%. Consumers thought they were buying red snapper but were receiving tile fish, porgy, or the delicious-sounding goldbanded jobfish—a hard-working fish indeed. No offense … Continue reading

True Wealth Design Client Survey Results

We conducted our first Client Audit in October 2012 with the help of Advisor Impact, an independent industry consultant. The goal of the survey was to gain a better understanding of our client’s needs and to ensure that the service … Continue reading

Considering Fixed Income In Your Investment Portfolio

Fixed income can play an important role in an investment portfolio. But its role may vary according to an investor’s financial needs and concerns. For example, many investors look to fixed income for safety, income, and more stability in their … Continue reading

Donor-Advised Funds Can Enhance Your Charitable and Tax Planning

A donor-advised fund is a private fund established to manage charitable donations of individuals, couples, families and institutions and is in many ways similar to a private foundation. It is sponsored by a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization often through major custodians … Continue reading

Hedge Funds: Good for Fund Managers, Bad for Investors

Big money can be made from hedge funds. If you run one, that is. That’s the conclusion of a new book that says people who invest in hedge funds would have been better off over the past nine years if they had … Continue reading

Commentary on Risk and Return Assumptions

It is an uncertain task when estimating future risk and return levels of stocks and bonds. Yet in proper retirement planning and investment planning we must do just that. As a firm philosophy, we do our very best to have … Continue reading

Maximizing Your Pension Benefits

For those fortunate enough to have an employer-provided pension, opportunities exist to make smart choices in regards to the pension election decision and to maximize the benefits from the pension. Retirees Are Happier With Pensions Many studies in the U.S. … Continue reading