Yearend Financial Check-up & Tax Moves

It’s that time of year again … the fourth quarter. Before you get enthralled with the holiday season, it’s time to look back over this year and towards the next. Continue reading

Improving Your Life By Eating An Elephant

We tend to overestimate what we can accomplish in the short-term and underestimate what we can accomplish in the long-term. Eating an elephant is a bite at a time. Health, wellness, and financial wellbeing are areas where the elephant often tramples goals. It’s easy to start down a desired path but get derailed. If you use these science-based strategies, you’ll set better goals and be more likely to achieve them. Continue reading

Avoid Being Duped by Fake Personal Financial Planners

When it comes to your financial health and seeking the help of a trustworthy and competent financial planning professional, be mindful of misleading or deceptive marketing. Even if not deceptive, lack of advisor competence could be just as harmful. Below are a few thoughts on how to not be duped and make a smart hiring decision. Continue reading

Social Security’s Uncertain Future & Impacts On Your Retirement

We’ve all heard about Social Security’s funding troubles. Is this why some decide to start benefits early? If Social Security were reduced, can it make sense to defer claiming? Hear Tyler Emrick discuss these topics as well as other recent proposals from Congress and academics that may impact the system. Continue reading