From day one, we have always chosen to work in a transparent manner when serving our clients by holding ourselves to a fiduciary standard of care. Our advisors are not provided incentives to sell products or meet sales quotas. This allows our advice to remain objective and always focused on our client’s goals.

Our advisory fee is calculated based on a percentage of assets we manage on your behalf. As you do better and your account grows, we do better too. And as your account grows over certain thresholds, the percentage you pay decreases. This is akin to getting wholesale pricing rather than paying retail.

Advisory fees are subject to a minimum fee, starting at $150 per month for investing service only and $350 per month for investing and planning (wealth management) services. Fees are paid in advance at the beginning of each quarter and are assessed based on the account asset value(s) on the last business day of the previous quarter. When an account is established, the management fee is prorated for the current quarter.

To give you an idea of what you might expect to pay, here are blended rates from our fee schedule:

$1 million
0.28% per quarter (1.13% per annum)

$3 million
0.20% per quarter (0.79% per annum)

$5 million
0.17% per quarter (0.68% per annum)

Our goal is to add tremendous value for the advisory fee you pay us, and we promise to work hard to earn this and your trust. We prefer not to nickel and dime our clients and instead offer an all-in fee for the services we provide. We commonly find new clients paying similar or higher fees for asset management services only. With True Wealth Design, these clients obtain better value for their hard-earned money in receiving not only institutional-quality asset management services but also robust financial and tax planning services.*

At the exclusive discretion of True Wealth Design, tax return preparation and estate planning services may be included for certain clients, generally those with a minimum of $1,000,000 under the advisor’s management, as part of their annual fee for Wealth Management Services.