Are you great at making money but tired of dealing with the complexities and lack of clarity around your finances? Have you already accumulated a respectable nest egg but are seeking a coordinated strategy to make the most of what you have?

The Successful Smiths have done well but felt like they were missing something. We created a financial life plan that aligned their money to their goals. Social Security and pension claiming decisions were optimized as were strategies for deferred compensation plans and stock options. Investment decisions were then custom-tailored to their retirement plan. We also focused on a tax-smart, retirement distribution plan to not only meet their lifestyle goals but ensure as much of their wealth as possible will either be kept in their family or directed to causes they support.

For couples like the Successful Smiths, we focus on simplifying and streamlining all the pieces of your financial life. The Smiths shared, “Things don’t seem nearly as complex anymore. We see how everything fits together into a strategy custom-built for us and our future. The peace of mind we have around our money is absolute bliss.” *

The True Wealth Private Client service is generally for those that have a minimum of $1,000,000 in investments or have increased complexity in their financial lives. These clients generally require a greater emphasis on investments and tax planning, yet any planning areas — such as retirement planning, estate planning, risk management, etc.— may be addressed.**

True Wealth Private Clients receive advice from a Certified Financial Planner™ Professional who is also a senior advisor of the firm. A dedicated Client Service Administrator and secondary advisor will also be assigned.

CFP®, CFA®, or CPA Professional
Investment Management
Financial Planning  
Risk Management  
Tax Planning & Prep    
Estate Planning    
Starting At: $1,000,000+ in
managed investments
$350 per month
($1,050 per quarter)
$150 per month
($450 per quarter)
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* Above scenario, while representative of many client cases, is hypothetical in nature.

** True Wealth Private Clients have access to private investments utilized for accredited investors and True Wealth’s Smart Design Direct stock strategy.