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Update Your Estate Plan As Life Changes

Estate planning can be complicated and easy to put off.  Even when done, many often think things are done forever. Yet, things change. Here are some items to consider in light of life’s changes. People Change You name an executor … Continue reading

Details In A Tax-Smart Retirement Distribution Plan

You made it to retirement and seem to have enough. Now how do you go about recreating your paycheck and distributing money from your savings and investments and to do so in a tax-smart way. How do you do it? Listen to Kevin describe the process True Wealth goes through to make sure these important distribution details are handled to help you stay on your retirement track and pay no more than your fair share in tax. Continue reading

Your Investing Process – Part 4

While your asset allocation recipe is the most important portfolio decision, we still want good ingredients. Listen to Kevin explain the broad differences in active and passive (indexed) ingredients, the evidence behind each, and some exceptions to where an indexing approach may not work as well. Continue reading

Stock Markets & Presidential Impeachments

As the impeachment process gets underway in the House of Representatives, President Trump has tweeted that the U.S. stock market will experience a severe decline if the process continues. Is he right? While no working crystal ball exists, let’s look … Continue reading

Your Investing Process – Part 3

Your asset allocation recipe is the most important portfolio decision, and there are a few different flavors of asset allocation. Listen to Kevin describe the differences and what the evidence shows works best. Continue reading

How Safe Is Your Safe Deposit Box?

When people want to protect important papers or valuables like rare coins, stamps or precious jewelry, they understand that it’s generally not wise to keep them laying around the house.  Much better—so goes the conventional wisdom—to put those items in … Continue reading

Your Investing Process – Part 2

Now that you understand the basic building blocks of an investing process, listen to Kevin explain what key factors investing science has shown to drive stock and bond returns over time and which to favor to build a better portfolio. Kevin also explains a recent phenomenon in stock prices that is reminiscent of the late 1990s Tech Bubble as it relates to one of the key factors that drive stock returns. Continue reading

Medicare Reviews During Open Enrollment

Appointments will be available again this year to our Medicare-eligible clients. We have partnered with a local Medicare specialist to offer a complimentary review of your existing Medicare plans to ensure you have the most suitable plans and do not … Continue reading

Mines, Forests & Investing Fools

The underperformance of value stocks over the past 10 years has received much attention from the financial media and led at least some investors to conclude that value investing – synonymous with Warren-Buffet-style investing – is dead. While headlines like … Continue reading

Your Investing Process – Part 1

Do you have an investment process? Most people don’t understand their advisor’s process (if they have one). Yet, in investing, you cannot control your investment results, but you can control your process, which should lead to better results over time. Listen to Kevin give you a high level of a science-based investing process you can understand without having to get a graduate degree in Finance. Continue reading