Ep 43: Financial Planning To-do’s During Market Declines

Hear Kevin give an update on the current state of the markets and financial planning to-do’s that need to be done through the Coronavirus turmoil. Proper execution of your financial and investment plans is required in large amounts to make sure you stay on track.

It’s not all bad news out there. Many opportunities are being created that you can capitalize on.

And be sure to listen to why you may want to reconsider your Roth Conversion strategy and Social Security claiming decision in light of current circumstances. Continue reading

Ep 42: This Is Not 2008

We’re in a crisis … different from 2008. The pandemic and prudent, social-distancing response is causing fear, uncertainty, and now panic in financial markets.

Listen to Kevin explain the current state of the markets and how this crisis is currently materially different from 2008. Be sure to pay attention to why — from a financial perspective — our country is better positioned to navigate through these troubled times by dusting off 2008’s playbook, and what you need to do to keep your plan on track.

Have questions? Need help making sure your investments and retirement plan are on track? Use this link to schedule a free 15-minute call with one of our Certified Financial PlannerTM Professionals. Continue reading

Ep 41: Coronavirus & Your Investment Strategy Part 2

Timing the market sounds great, especially during times of market distress like that caused by Cornovirus (COVID-19) concerns. Who wouldn’t want to participate only in the ups while avoiding the downs!? Sadly, the only way market timing will work is for you to get lucky, which is no way to invest your life savings.

Instead of falling victim to the allure of market timing, Kevin describes the current situation and prudent, processed-based response to help you tune out the noise and stay on track. Continue reading

Ep 39: IRA Owners: 3 Key Changes By The SECURE Act

Congress has agreed on something! Your retirement accounts are not estate planning vehicles. (Sigh.) Provisions in the SECURE Act are now law as of 2020 and impact all IRA owners.

Listen to Kevin simplify the laws and unpack the 3 key changes. The good news is that if you’re doing proper planning, you are likely less at risk than conventional media headlines and other financial advisors are reporting.

And be sure to pay listen at the end, when Kevin describes what premortem and postmortem strategies could help you and your family keep more of your hard-earned money. Continue reading