Inflation & Your Portfolio Part 2

While you have enjoyed tame inflation, increasing economic growth, and higher stock prices beefing up your investments over the last 10+ years, you should never solely rely on any economic regime to dominate your portfolio or forsake diversification.  Instead, the foundation of good long-term investing must be built on evidence and diversification that incorporates many different market environment environments.  So how is this done? Continue reading

Ep 99: Whoa! Stocks and bonds both going down? What’s going on?

Hear Kevin explain what has been happening in markets with key points related to understanding diversification, risk, and four key economic regimes for investors to balance against. Learn why even a “balanced investor” has 90% of risk coming from one asset class, and why bad behavior is causing severe pain for many return-chasing investors as they go down with the ARKK.  Continue reading