Ep 112: Overcoming Financial Missteps & Inaction to Get the Help You Need

Hear Kevin and Tyler talk about recent meetings they’ve had with people seeking help. Learn why the problem that brought them in often isn’t the real problem. Rather, it’s the “unknown unknowns” or the “things they think they know but just ain’t so” that are more so the problem to avoid or opportunity to capitalize upon. This is an episode that many listeners will be able to relate to and cause ‘aha moments.’ Continue reading

Ep 111: Q4 Check-up & Tax Moves

It’s time to look back over this year and towards the next to adjust your planning. What tax moves should you make before the end of the year? And what moves should you plan for next year? Are your investments well aligned to meet your spending goals, or are you exposing yourself to unnecessary lifestyle risk? This and more… Continue reading

Time To Make Roth IRA Conversions

Stock and bond markets have taken sharp declines in 2022. The depressed prices make it a great time for you to consider converting some of your tax-deferred assets in your IRA or similar retirement plans into a tax-free Roth IRA. When markets recover, the gains will occur in the Roth IRA and be tax-free… Continue reading

Should I Sell a Stock with a Large Taxable Gain? (Part 3)

Have you acquired stock over time and seen it significantly rise in value over time? What should you do? Let it ride? Or should you sell, pay taxes, and reinvest in a more diversified fashion?┬áLet’s consider some transition strategies to mitigate the tax bit to become more diversified. Continue reading