Ep 83: Biden’s “American Families” Tax Plan

Biden’s tax proposals have finally been put into legislation and released on September 13th. Thankfully they’re not as bad as the Beatles’ “Tax Man” lyrics, and the tax increases were also less than what was expected.

Hear Kevin discuss key proposals for individuals with the good, the bad, and those that didn’t make it into the bill, and be sure to pay attention to the end to hear the key things to do to keep more in your pocket. Continue reading

Biden’s Tax Proposal: Key Changes & Planning Opportunities

Anticipated tax proposals have finally been released in legislative form on September 13, 2021. As of early October, these proposals have yet to be finalized in Congress as the sausage is being made. Thankfully the changes are not as bad as many had feared, but there are many changes that may impact your financial and tax planning. Continue reading

Ep 80: Should I Sell a Stock With a Large Taxable Gain?

Astute investors know concentrated stock holdings are suboptimal and expose a portfolio to diversifiable risks. But simply selling regardless of tax consequences is also short-sighted. So how do they best fit into your portfolio and financial plan? Continue reading

Ep 70: Free Money? More Stimulus Checks & Larger Healthcare Tax Credits

The government’s money-printing machine is ripping. Here comes round 3 of stimulus checks and larger healthcare tax credits for many pre-Medicare retirees.

Hear Kevin discuss the 3 rounds of checks, income phaseout ranges, and planning strategies to get yours. In some cases, you may want to file your 2020 tax return sooner and in others, you may want to wait. For many retirees, you may want to modifying your tax-smart distribution plan midyear, lowering our taxable income targets and reducing Roth conversions, to reap benefits. Continue reading