Constructing a Portfolio in Retirement

On this episode, hear Tyler Emrick, CFA®, CFP®, dive into these questions and, more broadly, how you should think about asset allocation — aka your “investment recipe”. Pay special attention to how aligning your financial life planning and your goals to your investment decisions is a critical step many misunderstand or overlook.  Continue reading

8% Safe Withdrawal Rate In Retirement? What!!

Recently, famous radio show host and personal finance guru Dave Ramsey made headlines by saying he’s perfectly comfortable with an 8% withdrawal rate in retirement. Critics were quick to respond, calling his advice scary, dangerous, and just plain wrong. So, who’s right? Continue reading

Retirement Nest Egg: Having Enough & Making Sure It Lasts

The emotions and questions seem to come from everywhere and out of nowhere as you inevitability approach retirement. Even the most prepared will ask, second guess, and then ask again: Do I have enough to retire? How do I ensure it lasts? Continue reading

Faulty Retirement Assumptions

A solid retirement plan starts with making reasonable assumptions on myriad items — your retirement lifestyle and its associated spending and what you can reasonably expect from your investments to just name a few. Poor assumptions will get you off on the wrong foot and may force you to make severe and undesirable lifestyle reductions to get back on track. Continue reading