Ep 124: Portfolio Moves in Light of Recession Fears

If you could time the beginning and end of a recession exactly by getting out and then back into the stock market, would you be better off? Listen to yler Emrick, CFA®, CFP® discuss what history shows and more. You might be surprised by the answer. Continue reading

Recession Fears & Portfolio Moves

Is the U.S. economy heading toward a recession? This question is seemingly perennial, but no doubt has been a hot topic in the last year. Google Trends has shown the search for ‘recession’ is up several hundred percent since 2022. … Continue reading

Ep 121: Faulty Retirement Assumptions

A solid retirement plan starts with making reasonable assumptions on myriad items — your retirement lifestyle and its associated spending and what you can reasonably expect from your investments to just name a few. Poor assumptions will get you off on the wrong foot and may force you to make severe and undesirable lifestyle reductions to get back on track. Continue reading

Bank Failures & Custody Risk

Custody risk? Boring snoring as my four-year-old would say. But recent headlines surrounding bank failures have been anything but. They may have you reasonably wondering about the safe keeping of not only your cash but also of your investments (aka … Continue reading

Ep 120: Bank Busts & Safeguards for Your Investment Funds

Hear Kevin detail key investor protections you benefit from by not having your account a general liability of a bank but a segregated account under custody at either a bank or brokerage as well as providing a brief perspective of what happened at Silicon Valley Bank. Continue reading