2021 Year in Review: Economy and Markets

COVID, crypto, and inflation, oh my! Each year significant events occur and may impact our lives, economy, and the investment markets. That, as they say, is life. 2021 was no different. Despite COVID waves and COVID seemingly becoming endemic to … Continue reading

Should I Sell a Stock with a Large Taxable Gain? (Part 1)

Have you acquired stock over time and seen it significantly rise in value over time? Perhaps you simply bought and held, were gifted shares, or accumulated company stock through grants or options. Now you have a more concentrated portfolio. What should you do? Let it ride? Or should you sell, pay taxes, and reinvest? Continue reading

Ep 80: Should I Sell a Stock With a Large Taxable Gain?

Astute investors know concentrated stock holdings are suboptimal and expose a portfolio to diversifiable risks. But simply selling regardless of tax consequences is also short-sighted. So how do they best fit into your portfolio and financial plan? Continue reading