Ep 120: Bank Busts & Safeguards for Your Investment Funds

Hear Kevin explain why your bank account should be thought of as a loan to the bank (because it is!). Conversely, he’ll detail key investor protections you benefit from by not having your account a general liability of a bank but a segregated account at a custodian. He’ll go farther and explain… Continue reading

Ep 119: Top 5 To-Do’s Before You Retire

Getting to the point where you finally decide to retire is one thing, but trying to ride off into the sunset can be an exceptionally tall task. Hear Tyler Emrick, CFA®, CFP®, talk through his five must-do items to help you feel confident about cutting the paycheck cord.     Continue reading

Ep 118: How Much Is the Right Amount Of Cash?

Coming off a year with unprecedented interest rate hikes, everywhere you turn there is an advertisement for yields on CDs or other types of savings accounts. Clients are asking whether they should consider using these products, and if so, to what extent.  Continue reading