Ep 99: Whoa! Stocks and bonds both going down? What’s going on?

Hear Kevin explain what has been happening in markets with key points related to understanding diversification, risk, and four key economic regimes for investors to balance against. Learn why even a “balanced investor” has 90% of risk coming from one asset class, and why bad behavior is causing severe pain for many return-chasing investors as they go down with the ARKK.¬† Continue reading

Inflation & Your Portfolio Part 1

Understandably, the reemergence of inflation is upsetting to many Americans. ¬†Huge price increases in red meat, cars, and gasoline and far more modest price increases among many other consumer goods and services reflect the distinctive nature of the recent rise … Continue reading

2021 Year in Review: Economy and Markets

COVID, crypto, and inflation, oh my! Each year significant events occur and may impact our lives, economy, and the investment markets. That, as they say, is life. 2021 was no different. Despite COVID waves and COVID seemingly becoming endemic to … Continue reading

Much Ado About Inflation

Inflation is garnering media headlines. Is it headed higher? It recently has. But do these price increases signal a coming wave of broad and persistent inflation or just a temporary snapback following the unusually sharp economic downturn in 2020? Continue reading