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What Markets Tell Us About U.S. and Europe Default Risks

by Kevin Kroskey, CFP, MBA With the strained balance sheets of governments in the Europe and US being the focus of so much media and market attention in recent times, it is understandable that investors would fret about the credit … Continue reading

Is It Time To Make A Roth IRA Conversion?

by Kevin Kroskey, CFP, MBA Recently the stock market has taken a sharp decline. The depressed prices make it a great time to consider converting some of your tax-deferred assets in your IRA or similar retirement plans into a tax-free … Continue reading

Tax-Efficient Investing with Asset Location Strategies

Most investors do not pay nearly enough attention to the tax efficiency of their investment plans. This unnecessarily increases taxes paid and causes a significant tax-drag on investment portfolios. Minimizing taxes on investment assets can be effectively managed to produce … Continue reading

Should Investors Favor High Dividend-Paying Stocks?

By Kevin Kroskey, CFP, MBA Dividend investing is a decades-old idea that many investors continue to follow today. Many think: the higher the dividend and the longer the company has been paying, the better. This idea causes investors to reach … Continue reading

Does Your Investment Performance Measure Up?

by Kevin Kroskey, CFP, MBA Investors usually define successful investment performance when investments increase in value and failure when investments decline in value. While this simple definition is useful on a very high level, it fails to measure a percentage … Continue reading

Creating and Maximizing Safe Retirement Income

by Kevin Kroskey, CFP, MBA In past articles I discussed problems with bond mutual funds and the benefits individual bonds can provide to investors. Last month I discussed why I believe the municipal bond market fears are overblown and how … Continue reading

Municipal Bond Default Fears Inflated

by Kevin Kroskey, CFP, MBA (As seen in the Bath Country Journal) News coverage on state and municipal economic issues has been prevalent over the past few months with some calling for unprecedented levels of defaults on municipal debt and … Continue reading

Goodyear Retirement Workshop

It has been brought to our attention by several firm clients who work at Goodyear that as of April 1, 2011 restrictions on the lump sum payout option will go into effect for an unknown period of time until the … Continue reading

The Problem With Bond Mutual Funds

by Kevin Kroskey, CFP, MBA (As seen in the Bath Country Journal) A retiree looking to draw income from a portfolio faces a challenging task today. Thirty years ago interest rates were in the double digits. Today interest rates are … Continue reading