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Goodyear Retirement Workshop

It has been brought to our attention by several firm clients who work at Goodyear that as of April 1, 2011 restrictions on the lump sum payout option will go into effect for an unknown period of time until the … Continue reading

The Problem With Bond Mutual Funds

by Kevin Kroskey, CFP, MBA (As seen in the Bath Country Journal) A retiree looking to draw income from a portfolio faces a challenging task today. Thirty years ago interest rates were in the double digits. Today interest rates are … Continue reading

The Case for Rational Optimism

by Kevin Kroskey, CFP, MBA Presenting the Case for Rational Optimism Over the next year, I’ll be writing a monthly column of financial planning related articles for the Bath Country Journal. I have many topics and strategies that I’m looking … Continue reading

Good Is The Enemy of Great

I recently have been setting aside substantial time for serious reflection and life planning. I reflected both on personal issues as well as on my business, and I wanted to write this letter to our clients and friends to share … Continue reading