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Avoid Losing $17K Yearly From Bad Investment Decisions

Surprise! Another robust study showed investors are still underperforming and making bad investment decisions. Morningstar released its yearly “Mind the Gap” study last month, showing investors have lost on average 1.7% yearly — that’s $17,000 on a $1,000,000 portfolio — over the last decade. Why so and how can we stop the madness?! Continue reading

How Tax-Smart Income Targeting Can Allow You To Save Taxes & Retire Earlier

Peel back the onion on income targeting – a critical part of a successful retiree’s overall Tax-Smart Distribution Planning. Learn how this type of planning, coupled with careful “Asset Location” decisions, can save a lot in tax over a multitude of years, allowing you to potentially retire earlier, spend more, or give more. Continue reading

Artificial Intelligence & Its Investment Implications

If you were to poll strangers on what comes to mind when they hear the term artificial intelligence or AI, I suspect the most likely answer would be ChatGPT. The generative chat program launched in 2022 seems to have drawn … Continue reading

Income Targeting – Should We Even Care About IRMAA?

Hear Tyler discuss IRMAA and its impact on your tax-smart retirement income planning. And be sure to pay attention to the broader framework of how to think about income targeting, which we’ll dive into in more detail in an upcoming episode. Continue reading

Improving Your Life By Eating An Elephant

We tend to overestimate what we can accomplish in the short-term and underestimate what we can accomplish in the long-term. Eating an elephant is a bite at a time. Health, wellness, and financial wellbeing are areas where the elephant often tramples goals. It’s easy to start down a desired path but get derailed. If you use these science-based strategies, you’ll set better goals and be more likely to achieve them. Continue reading

Uncommon Reasons For Roth Conversions

In this episode, Tyler Emrick CFA®, CFP® talks through the financial impacts of implementing a well-thought-out Roth conversion strategy. Learn less common reasons — legacy planning and in the event your spouse survives you for an extended period — that conversions can make great sense. Continue reading

No More TINA – An Investment Update

There Is No Alternative or TINA has been used throughout history and was more recently popularly used to describe the stock market in light of low interest rates and correspondingly low yield-based returns. There is no alternative to stocks. Hear Kevin Kroskey, CFP, MBA discuss why now that rates have had an unprecedented rise, it is time to say goodbye TINA. Continue reading

Avoid Being Duped by Fake Personal Financial Planners

When it comes to your financial health and seeking the help of a trustworthy and competent financial planning professional, be mindful of misleading or deceptive marketing. Even if not deceptive, lack of advisor competence could be just as harmful. Below are a few thoughts on how to not be duped and make a smart hiring decision. Continue reading