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Estate Planning: Ensuring Your Legacy Lives On

When you’ve worked hard to build wealth and accumulate assets, it’s only natural to want to ensure that your legacy continues for future generations. However, without proper estate planning, what you hoped to leave for your loved ones could be … Continue reading

The Benefits of Roth IRAs for Tax-Free Retirement Income

One of the most important considerations when planning for retirement is ensuring a steady income stream to sustain your desired lifestyle. With life expectancies increasing and the costs of living rising, it’s essential to have a robust retirement savings plan. … Continue reading

How to Avoid A Surprise Bill at Tax Time

In this episode, Tyler Emrick, CFA®, CFP®, sheds light on traditional culprits that cause nasty surprises at tax time. Whether it is capital gain distributions, higher interest rates, or under-withholding on your income we cover it all on today’s episode of Retire Smarter. Continue reading

Smarter Ways To Financially Help Your Children & Grandchildren

Have you thought about helping your family financially? Saving for your grandchild’s education or gifting money to your adult child to buy their first home? So, what are smarter ways to save for or gift to your family without inhibiting responsible financial behavior? Continue reading

How Risky of An Investor Are You?

In this episode, Tyler Emrick, CFA®, CFP®, takes a deep dive into the world of risk. Is filling out a simple questionnaire sufficient? How about telling your advisor, “I’m moderately conservative?” Don’t these seem fuzzy at best? Continue reading

Maximize Your Retirement Savings with 401(k) Plans

When preparing for retirement, one of the most valuable tools at your disposal is a 401(k) plan. These employer-sponsored retirement accounts offer many benefits, including tax advantages and the potential for employer-matching contributions. However, to make the most of your … Continue reading

What Do Clients Value Most in A Financial Advisor?

Have you thought of hiring a financial advisor but haven’t done so? Perhaps you are a bit unsure of what you will get from an advisory relationship? Hear Tyler Emrick, CFA®, CFP® discuss what clients say is most important to them. Continue reading

Investment Strategies for Long-Term Wealth Growth

When it comes to building and growing wealth over time, a focus on long-term investment strategies is crucial. While it may be tempting to seek quick profits through short-term trading, there are many advantages to a long-term perspective. Here's why … Continue reading