Why We Support Bath Community Fund

Why We Support Bath Community Fund
My wife and I have overcome many obstacles in our lives. We came from families that did not fit the traditional mold of what a family is or perhaps should be. Our families often teetered from lower middle class to poor. Our hometowns were places from where either our classmates escaped or became stuck. Yet, we persevered and worked hard, both of us paying our way through college and earning graduate degrees.
Over the years, my business has grown, and in 2012, we moved our home to Bath Township, where we also purchased a building for my office. Bath had always spoken to us. Obviously, Bath is beautiful and has great schools, but it was something more than this. Perhaps what drew us here is that Bath is so different from our hometowns ­­– there is a resounding sense of community pride and hope for the future that resides here. Whatever it was that beckoned us, the feeling was indescribable – it just felt like home.
In 2013, we welcomed our first child and have been working to create a strong family foundation. We recognize, however, that our family does not exist solely within the walls of our home; it extends to the wonderful community in which we live – this place we now call home. This place we are proud to call home. We are rooted and invested, and because of this, we want to further develop that sense of community and become active to make Bath even better.
What does Bath Community Fund mean to us?
To us it means our daughter will grow up seeing her mom and dad as people who love their community and who make continual efforts to improve it.
To us it means that, in addition to our family and our home, our community will be a special place in our daughter’s memory and provide the foundation for a wondrous and happy life.
To us it means that Bath will always be considered home to our daughter and not just a place left in a distant memory regardless of where her life journey may take her.
Selfishly, we want to become involved in the community to help support our daughter in becoming the best person she can be. We want to give her everything we did not have, including a deep sense of responsibility to the community.
For a community to prosper, it takes investment and leadership – investment in the form of giving time and giving money and leadership in the form of expressing care and commitment to the community and people within and around it. These in turn produce life-long returns for current and future generations.
Bath Community Fund  is analogous to an entrepreneurial incubator. The incubator helps the business and people grow and produces products and services that benefit the world and, in return, enriches the lives of the owners and employees both financially and emotionally. This fund is that incubator. This fund and the caring people of our community can make investments in our community to help grow exceptional, caring people that go about the world and exponentially improve not only our community but also the entire world around us.
This is why my wife and I have donated and will continue to donate our time and our money. If you call Bath Township home and have benefited from this wonderful community, I encourage you to search for your “why” and do your part in making Bath an even better place. You can get involved by contacting Jody Miller-Konstand, Advisory Board Chair, at 330-618-4477. 
Kevin Kroskey, CFP®, MBA is President of True Wealth Design, an independent wealth management firm and advisory board member for the Bath Community Fund. 
Pictured: Kevin, Brandy, and Aubrey Kroskey.