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Should I Sell a Stock with a Large Taxable Gain? (Part 1)

Have you acquired stock over time and seen it significantly rise in value over time? Perhaps you simply bought and held, were gifted shares, or accumulated company stock through grants or options. Now you have a more concentrated portfolio. What should you do? Let it ride? Or should you sell, pay taxes, and reinvest? Continue reading

Biden’s Tax Proposal: Key Changes & Planning Opportunities

Anticipated tax proposals have finally been released in legislative form on September 13, 2021. As of early October, these proposals have yet to be finalized in Congress as the sausage is being made. Thankfully the changes are not as bad as many had feared, but there are many changes that may impact your financial and tax planning. Continue reading

Medicare Reviews During Open Enrollment

As your Annual Notice of Change arrives in your mailbox, you may have questions about those changes.  Or perhaps you aren’t sure if the Medicare plan that you have is still meeting your needs.  Your prescription drugs may have changed, and your Drug Plan may not be as suitable as it once was. These items and other questions can be addressed during the complimentary review. Continue reading

What is ESG investing?

You may have heard the term “ESG Investing” in the news, from a friend, or through your church. What exactly is ESG investing, and might it be right for you?   ESG  ESG is an evaluation of a company’s conscientiousness for different factors that are … Continue reading

Much Ado About Inflation

Inflation is garnering media headlines. Is it headed higher? It recently has. But do these price increases signal a coming wave of broad and persistent inflation or just a temporary snapback following the unusually sharp economic downturn in 2020? Continue reading