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Financial Planning Tools For Those Living With Disabilities

When you have disabilities, finances can be a concern, especially if you require ongoing care and treatment, or if you have a condition with the potential to worsen or require additional degrees of assistance in the future. Putting together a … Continue reading

Inflation & Your Portfolio Part 2

While you have enjoyed tame inflation, increasing economic growth, and higher stock prices beefing up your investments over the last 10+ years, you should never solely rely on any economic regime to dominate your portfolio or forsake diversification.  Instead, the foundation of good long-term investing must be built on evidence and diversification that incorporates many different market environment environments.  So how is this done? Continue reading

Inflation & Your Portfolio Part 1

Understandably, the reemergence of inflation is upsetting to many Americans.  Huge price increases in red meat, cars, and gasoline and far more modest price increases among many other consumer goods and services reflect the distinctive nature of the recent rise … Continue reading

Should I Sell a Stock with a Large Taxable Gain? (Part 3)

Have you acquired stock over time and seen it significantly rise in value over time? What should you do? Let it ride? Or should you sell, pay taxes, and reinvest in a more diversified fashion? Let’s consider some transition strategies to mitigate the tax bit to become more diversified. Continue reading