New Client Vault Released October 2017

New Client Vault Released October 2017
We are excited to announce a significant improvement to our client service experience. We have made a substantial investment to upgrade several of our technology systems, including our client vault. The vault is a secure environment where you can view your investments / investment performance and share your essential documents – meeting summaries, financial plans, tax returns, estate documents, etc.
The new vault will be released in October and will feature the following:
  • Reports on demand. We will continue to provide quarterly reports, but you now have the flexibility to run your own as you wish.
  • Integration of your financial planning results. Each quarter we will update your financial plan results, based on your current account values, and incorporate your financial plan success rate into both your vault and quarterly report. Now you will be able to see the connection between your money and your goals in an even more timely manner.
  • Apps to access your data from your smart device (Apple or Android). Use your thumbprint and don’t worry about remembering or typing in that username and password any longer. (This feature will be released later in 2017.)
So far in 2017, more than 60% of our clients accessed their client vault and more than 1,100 actions – reports reviewed, documents uploaded or downloaded, etc. – have occurred. We are confident you’ll find the new features and experience to be even better than before.
Some notes on the migration:
  • You will receive an email invitation in late October to log into your new client vault.
  • If you forget the web address for the client vault, you can access it via the Account Lookup tab at
  • As a reminder, you can always access your accounts anytime at the custodian’s website, also available via the Account Lookup tab at
    • The Financial Organization # is 47Y.
  • All of your documents are being migrated to your new vault.
  • Investment performance reports through September are expected to be delayed to ensure accuracy of the reports. Reports through 8/31/2017 are currently available in your existing (expiring) vault and can be accessed anytime through 10/31/17.
  • Historical investment performance dating back to 10/2010 will be available in the new vault.
  • Envestnet is replacing Morningstar as our provider. Both offer bank-level digital security.
If you have any questions, we are of course here to help. Please contact your Client Service Administrator – Tiffany Bryant or Stacey Stuchal – to assist.
The True Wealth Design Team