Ep 11: Not Resolutions – Set Goals The Right Way To Start The New Year

People struggle to keep their New Year’s Resolutions. Instead, let’s talk about what real goal setting looks like. Kevin will share some tips he’s picked up from various coaches over the years that have proved fruitful in his own life and talk about how you can apply them going into the new year. Continue reading

Ep 10: Rules Gone Awry – A Lower Tax Bracket Part 2

Time for part 2 of our conversation on the retirement rule gone awry that you’ll be in a lower tax bracket at retirement. On this episode, we’ll showcase a scenario where following this rule really puts you off track. Continue reading

Ep 9: Rules Gone Awry – A Lower Tax Bracket Part 1

Let’s continue our series on breaking down some of the retirement “rules” that have gone awry. This week, we’ll begin a two-part series on the retirement rule that you should plan to be in a lower tax bracket in retirement. Is that really true? Listen to this week’s podcast to find out. Continue reading

Ep 7: Rules Gone Awry – The 4 Percent Rule

You’ve perhaps heard the 4 percent rule, that if you take 4% out of your investment account each year, you’ll never outlive your money. Kevin talks about where this idea came from, and pokes some holes in this strategy in this third installment of Rules Gone Awry. Continue reading