Ep 33: Tax-Planning Framework

It’s common to see articles or to-do lists for year-end tax planning. But these often lack substance and fail to answer why a strategy may or may not make sense for you. Listen to Kevin describe a simplified framework to understand your tax situation and then how to thoughtfully consider what tax-smart strategies make sense for you. Continue reading

Ep 32: Top 10 Best Retirement Cities

We want it all in life and for our retirement. We want the city where we live to have it too — affordability, a plethora of activities, fantastic quality of life, and great healthcare. Learn the 10 best cities as ranked by Wallethub and what makes them great. Some may even surprise you. Tune in and start envisioning where you want to be in retirement and plan for how to get there. Continue reading

Ep 31: Details In A Tax-Smart Retirement Distribution Plan

You made it to retirement and seem to have enough. Now how do you go about recreating your paycheck and distributing money from your savings and investments and to do so in a tax-smart way. How do you do it? Listen to Kevin describe the process True Wealth goes through to make sure these important distribution details are handled to help you stay on your retirement track and pay no more than your fair share in tax. Continue reading

Ep 30: Your Investing Process – Part 4

While your asset allocation recipe is the most important portfolio decision, we still want good ingredients. Listen to Kevin explain the broad differences in active and passive (indexed) ingredients, the evidence behind each, and some exceptions to where an indexing approach may not work as well. Continue reading

Ep 29: Your Investing Process – Part 3

Your asset allocation recipe is the most important portfolio decision, and there are a few different flavors of asset allocation. Listen to Kevin describe the differences and what the evidence shows works best. Continue reading