Ep 95: Rules Gone Awry – The 4 Percent Rule

You’ve perhaps heard the 4 percent rule, that if you take 4% out of your investment account each year, you’ll never outlive your money. Kevin talks about where this idea came from, and pokes some holes in this strategy in this installment of Rules Gone Awry. Continue reading

Ep 94: Rules Gone Awry – The Rule of 100

There’s a “rule” that says you should take 100, subtract your age, and the result tells you how much of your money you should invest in stocks. It would be awesome if retirement planning was that simple, but simple isn’t always effective and that’s the problem with the Rule of 100. Take a listen to find out about better ways to invest and plan for your financial future. Continue reading

Ep 92: Rules Gone Awry- The 80% Spending Rule

In our Retirement Rules Gone Awry series, Walter turns to Kevin on this week’s podcast to understand how that “80% Rule” worked its way into the retirement planning vernacular and why we’d all be wiser to ignore it. Continue reading

Ep 91: What Retirees Want in a Home

Should you stay or should you go…While many Boomers intend to not move but age in place, an increasing amount are making a change. Learn why many more Boomers are choosing to go and where they are going to in order to improve retirement satisfaction.  Continue reading