Income Targeting – Should We Even Care About IRMAA?

Hear Tyler discuss IRMAA and its impact on your tax-smart retirement income planning. And be sure to pay attention to the broader framework of how to think about income targeting, which we’ll dive into in more detail in an upcoming episode. Continue reading

Uncommon Reasons For Roth Conversions

In this episode, Tyler Emrick CFA®, CFP® talks through the financial impacts of implementing a well-thought-out Roth conversion strategy. Learn less common reasons — legacy planning and in the event your spouse survives you for an extended period — that conversions can make great sense. Continue reading

No More TINA – An Investment Update

There Is No Alternative or TINA has been used throughout history and was more recently popularly used to describe the stock market in light of low interest rates and correspondingly low yield-based returns. There is no alternative to stocks. Hear Kevin Kroskey, CFP, MBA discuss why now that rates have had an unprecedented rise, it is time to say goodbye TINA. Continue reading

Your Wealth, Your Retirement – How Can You Do It Better?

In this episode, hear Tyler Emrick, CFA®, CFP®, talk through what it means to be wealthy and how your own perception of personal wealth can be a powerful force that leads you astray or opens your eyes to better outcomes and, ultimately, a happier retirement. Continue reading