Ep 59: Retiree Health Insurance Part 2: Pre-Medicare

Ep 59: Retiree Health Insurance Part 2: Pre-Medicare

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Healthcare is a primary concern, especially for retirees. Transitioning from employer-provided coverage you’ve been on for decades is stressful. Now you have more complexity and choices than ever before. And, yes, costs may seem sky high after retiring and before Medicare.

Listen in to hear Kevin and health insurance expert Zig Novak discuss health insurance options from the time you retire to before you can begin Medicare at age 65. Should you take COBRA? What types of plans and are available for Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) plans, and how much do they cost? How do ACA tax credits work, and how valuable are they?

Get informed. Get destressed. Know what you need to about this important topic to Retire Smarter.

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4:00 – Pre-65 Healthcare Planning

8:15 – Floating Cobra

14:27 – ACA Plans

26:00 – Tax Credits

31:37 – Verifying Your Income


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