Ep 51: Case Study: Retiring Before Age 60 & Before You Ever Thought You Would

Ep 51: Case Study: Retiring Before Age 60 & Before You Ever Thought You Would

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Like your work but hate your job? Bad boss? Terrible commute? Whatever the reason.

Hear Kevin share a story of a client who retired in her late 50s. She loved her work and taking care of her customers but hated other aspects of her job.

She worked long hours and had a long commute. This coupled with taking care of her household and aging mother plus trying to have a bit of fun left little space and time to seriously consider her retirement and life after work. Perhaps this is why she was in a state of disbelief after her retirement plan showed she could retire in her 50s. The sheer thought of retiring was new and a bit scary.

Be sure to pay attention to the end to hear how things are going for her now four years retired and how she has defined phases and varied strategies to her retirement distribution planning.

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4:47 – About The Client

8:58 – The Realization Of Being Able To Retire

14:12 – Padding The Expenses

19:44 – Healthcare When Retiring In Your 50’s

25:59 – Present-Day Planning


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