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Bill Ferber

Bill is one of few Clevelanders who was born and lived on Cleveland’s eastside but grew up on the westside. His professional career first took him down to Florida, then north to Michigan (beautiful state, questionable football teams), and finally back home to Northeast Ohio.

In 2015, Bill transitioned into financial advisory services focusing on financial planning and business retirement plan solutions.

Bill resides in Avon Lake with his wife Angie, their two boys, and one very special daddy’s girl. He and his family enjoy the outdoors, boating in the summer months, and escaping to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula when they can.

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

I love to laugh and make others laugh (when the opportunity presents itself). I am driven to constantly better myself in all aspects of life.  Okay, two sentences.

What is something most don’t know about you?

I enjoy waking up around 5 am and running in the early morning darkness, regardless of the weather (although I’m partial to summer and no rain).

What do you do in your free time?

In the summertime, we enjoy being outdoors and preferably near a body of water (pool or Lake Erie, it does not matter). In the winter, finding time in the woods keeps me grounded.

What are your wardrobe constants?

Everything from HUK fishing shirts and flip-flops to fleece and jeans, depending on the season. Button-downs & polo shirts cycle in and out of that rotation.

What is something interesting someone has said about you?

When I lived in Florida, many thought I looked like the actor Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice). I’ve even been asked for my (his) autograph.

What are you proud of?

Professionally, my tenacity to never quit, regardless of whatever obstacles I had to overcome. Personally, the family my wife Angie and I have created is my greatest achievement to date.

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