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Brienne O’Rourke

Brienne was born and raised about 40 minutes southeast of Pittsburgh. She attended the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown and earned her degree in Managerial Accounting. She has worked in operational positions in the financial services industry for more than 5 years at the time of joining True Wealth.

Brienne loves cold weather, hiking with her black lab Penny, and is a diehard Pittsburgh Pirates fan. She loves talking baseball stats to anyone who will listen!

How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

A thoughtful, extroverted introvert who cares deeply for her family and friends.

What is something most don’t know about you?

I really enjoy reading.

What do you do in your free time?

Relax or hike with my dog, spend time with family and friends, and attend or watch every Pirates game I can.

What are your wardrobe constants?

Anything comfortable, and Pirates t-shirts, hoodies, or sneakers when possible.

What is something interesting someone has said about you?

They were shocked to hear me describe myself as an introvert, because I talk so much.

What are you proud of?

Pushing past my (many) fears of traveling alone led me to go on an incredible solo trip to Iceland, where I hiked on a glacier, snorkeled between tectonic plates in 34-degree water, saw beautiful waterfalls, hiked to a volcanic crater, and checked off a bucket list item of seeing the Northern Lights!

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