Who We Are

Our Firm

True Wealth Design was created to make a substantial positive difference in our clients’ lives, our employees’ lives and the communities where we live and work. We strive to do this is by helping our clients Plan Smarter and Live Better.™

With our uncommon and deep expertise in retirement, tax, and investment planning, we provide complete integration of your financial life, giving you the clarity and confidence to pursue your dreams while protecting your family’s future.

true (tru) – adjective, real; genuine; authentic.

wealth (welth) – noun, the quality of profuse abundance.

de·sign (di-zin’) – verb, to have as a goal or purpose; intend.

Year Founded                    Clients Served*                           Assets Under Management*

2007                                       170+                                      $120 Million+

*As of 12/31/2017.

Our Fees

From day one, we chose to work in a transparent manner to serve our clients and be held to a fiduciary standard of care.Our advisors are not provided incentives to sell products or meet sales quotas, allowing our advice to always remain objective.

Our fee is calculated by the percentage of assets we manage, so when our you succeed, so do we.Fees are paid in advance at the beginning of each quarter and are assessed based upon the account asset value(s) on the last business day of the previous quarter. When an account is established, the management fee is charged for the remainder of the current quarter and is based upon the initial contributions.

To give you an idea of what you might expect to pay, here are blended rates from our fee schedule:

$1 million = 0.28% per quarter (1.11% per annum)

$3 million = 0.17% per quarter (0.69% per annum)

$5 million = 0.14% per quarter (0.55% per annum)

While we have sophisticated services to serve successful families, we also wanted to have streamlined services for less complicated situations, including the children of our clients and other young professionals to help them grow. As such our services, while calculated based on assets under management, start at a low minimum fee of $100 per month for investing and $200 per month for investing and planning, billedquarterly in advance.

Our goal is to add tremendous value for the advisory fee you pay us and that we promise to work hard to earn. We also prefer not to nickel and dime our clients and instead offer an all-in fee for the services we provide. We commonly find a new client paying similar fees for asset management services only. Yet, we would provide not only institutional-quality asset management services but also sophisticated financial and tax planning services as well as tax preparation for the same fee.*

* At the exclusive discretion of True Wealth Design, tax return preparation services may be included forcertain clients, generally those with a minimum of $300,000 under the advisor’s management, as part of their annual fee for Wealth Management Services.

Our Difference

SALARIED AND SMART. Only CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals with a minimum five years of experience deliver advice. All CFP® professionals are salaried, never receive commissions, and are incented for client retention. These combine to ensure sound, objectiveadvice is provided and your needs are well taken care of.For your personal health, you prefer a board-certified physician with demonstrated expertise in their practice specialty and a bed-side manner that connects with you. Same goes for your advisor and financial health.

PROACTIVE: We work with you on a regular basis to monitor and adjust your planning, avoid dangers, identify opportunities, and help you successfully manage life’s transitions. You will never have to wonder, “When will I hear from my advisor?” We will set service expectations and meet them.

INTEGRATED: We have deep expertise in integrating your retirement planning, investment planning, and tax planning into an effective overall strategy to make the most of what you have. Most other advisors focus on product sales or low-level planning at best. Robust planning and objective advice are in our DNA.

SCIENCE-BASED: Investing and planning are sciences similar to medicine. You wouldn’t take a drug or have surgery without your doctor understanding the statistical evidence supporting its efficacy and rigorous trials comparing it to other accepted treatments. Nor should you do so when it comes to your finances. Our approach to retirement income generation and our investment philosophy are rooted in empirical evidence, time-tested, and aligned to support your financial life plan and protect your lifestyle.

RELATIONSHIP: You have a dedicated team of professionals to serve your needs, and our client-to-staff ratios are regularly monitored to ensure we have capacity to take great financial care ofyou. We promise to be here when you need us, actively listen, and provide sound, objective advice.

TRANSPARENT: From our inception, we chose to eschew commissions on investment product recommendations and serve you in a fully transparent manner while actingas a fiduciary in your best interests. Anything short of this just doesn’t pass the “mom test” in our book.

ORGANIZATION: Not only do we get your financial life well organized, but we also have savvy business operations with smart usage of technology to manage the myriad details of our clients’ financial lives and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.Your details are our delight.

All of the above and everything we do in serving clients culminates in client satisfaction. Every few years we conduct anonymous surveys to gauge satisfaction and seek ways to continually improve how we serve our clients. We are proud to report the following satisfaction from our most recent survey.