Recession Timing & Stock Market Returns

Recession Timing & Stock Market Returns

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Is the U.S. economy heading toward a recession? This question is seemingly perennial but has undoubtedly been a hot topic in the last year. Listen as Tyler Emrick, CFP®, CFA® talks you through what the data shows on how investment markets have performed in past recessions and whether being able to time recessions is likely to help your portfolio.


Here are some of the assumptions we will discuss in this episode:

  • So many factors that cause people to worry about a recession. (4:03)
  • Should you make portfolio changes or should you go to cash?  (7:43)
  • Why trying to time the market is even more difficult around a recession.  (12:53)
  • How the Retire Smarter Solution™ plays into building a portfolio. (17:08)
  • How to approach a recession if you’re worried about your finances. (20:09)


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