We Are a 2022 Weatherhead 100 Winner!

We Are a 2022 Weatherhead 100 Winner!

True Wealth Design is proud and honored to be selected by the Case Western Reserve University School of Management as a 2022 Weatherhead 100 winner.

Established in 1988, The Weatherhead 100 is the premier celebration of Northeast Ohio’s spirit of entrepreneurship and the companies making a difference in Northeast Ohio. Companies that make the list are the fastest-growing companies, based on 5-year revenue growth, no matter the industry.


While we at True Wealth are excited about the growth, we are more excited about what that means. Our growth has been an outcome of delivering on our promises to our clients by providing high-quality and integrated financial, tax, and investment advice coupled with exceptional service. We love being our clients’ “easy button.” Without happy clients (see our NPS Score) that recommend our services to others they care for, we would not have achieved this growth.

This growth allows us to continually reinvest in our team and the services we provide. Great people want opportunity and personal growth. Clients deserve for us to continually improve and provide an even more significant, positive impact on their lives. Thus, this growth is a fortuitous cycle. All stakeholders benefit.

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