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Advisory Services

True Wealth Design provides various services to individual and business clients, which can be on a limited project or ongoing basis. Our services include:

Investor Services
We collect data relating to your portfolio, objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance which enable us to recommend a strategic asset allocation best suited for your personal situation. After implementation, we continuously monitor your portfolio and provide an on-going educational process to help you fully understand essential investment concepts.

Retirement Planning
We inquire about your goals, time horizon and desired standard of living. Then we project your financial future in retirement and advise you on the success or possibly the changes you need to make to succeed. We deliver you a retirement plan customized to your investment time-horizon, risk tolerance, cash flow, tax bracket and income needs.

Comprehensive Planning
If your circumstances are complex and you have questions about life insurance, paying too much in taxes, or transferring your wealth to the next generation tax-efficiently, then you likely require a financial plan covering a broad spectrum of issues. Our Comprehensive Planning service addresses retirement planning and can provide detailed solutions to:

  • Income-Tax Minimization
  • Asset Protection Planning/Risk Management
  • Goal-Based Planning
  • Estate planning
  • Cash Flow Planning/Debt Management
  • Education Funding

Fiduciary Services (Employer Sponsored Retirement Plans)
We assist businesses and non-profit organizations with their employer sponsored retirement plans and endowments. If you own a business or run a not-for-profit organization that sponsors a qualified retirement plan—a 401(k) or 403(b) plan, for instance—then you are a fiduciary. You are entrusted with retirement assets of your employees and with the power to protect their best interests in providing their retirement plan.

Employers who sponsor retirement plans have the responsibility of:

  • Educating employees about investment options
  • Providing investment options that are diversified
  • Creating a plan that is good for the company owners and employees
  • Annually reviewing investment options
  • Providing investment options that are reasonably priced

True Wealth Design offers services that support your role as a retirement plan fiduciary. We ease your legal liability by ensuring you fulfill your responsibilities to your employees and we help you watch over your employees' retirement assets while providing optional educational programs for your employees.

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