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2021 Year in Review: Economy and Markets

COVID, crypto, and inflation, oh my! Each year significant events occur and may impact our lives, economy, and the investment markets. That, as they say, is life. 2021 was no different. Despite COVID waves and COVID seemingly becoming endemic to … Continue reading

How Early Retirees Can Get A BIG Health Insurance Tax Credit

Many early retirees find they must utilize Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) policies to bridge the gap from employer-provided health insurance to Medicare at age 65. ACA policies are expensive but even affluent families may be able to obtain … Continue reading

Ep 85: What’s a “Conservative” Investor To Do These Days?

Having reasonable assumptions for investment returns is critically important for many reasons. These assumptions will impact your retirement plan, investment allocation, and your peace of mind. Hear Kevin review discuss a recent letter written to his clients about the three broad categories of investments. Continue reading

Should I Sell a Stock with a Large Taxable Gain? (Part 1)

Have you acquired stock over time and seen it significantly rise in value over time? Perhaps you simply bought and held, were gifted shares, or accumulated company stock through grants or options. Now you have a more concentrated portfolio. What should you do? Let it ride? Or should you sell, pay taxes, and reinvest? Continue reading

Ep 83: Biden’s “American Families” Tax Plan

Biden’s tax proposals have finally been put into legislation and released on September 13th. Thankfully they’re not as bad as the Beatles’ “Tax Man” lyrics, and the tax increases were also less than what was expected.

Hear Kevin discuss key proposals for individuals with the good, the bad, and those that didn’t make it into the bill, and be sure to pay attention to the end to hear the key things to do to keep more in your pocket. Continue reading

Biden’s Tax Proposal: Key Changes & Planning Opportunities

Anticipated tax proposals have finally been released in legislative form on September 13, 2021. As of early October, these proposals have yet to be finalized in Congress as the sausage is being made. Thankfully the changes are not as bad as many had feared, but there are many changes that may impact your financial and tax planning. Continue reading