2015 Q4 & Investment Philosophy Video Review

2015 Q4 & Investment Philosophy Video Review
The video highlights recent market and fund performance as well as revisits the underlying investment philosophy utilized in our portfolio construction process. We also summarized key take-aways and provided links to relevant articles written and made available to clients and readers. All this is aimed to answer questions that have been asked and other questions that may be on your mind.
Most importantly we believe the more you understand the empirically-tested process we utilize to manage client assets, the better and more disciplined investor you will become. As a result, you can expect a better investment experience over time.
Summary of video contents:
  • investment philosophy review (minutes 0-19)
  • performance review of various assets classes and funds (minutes 19-61)
  • summary (minutes 61-71)
 Video conducted by Kevin Kroskey, CFP – President & Sr. Wealth Advisor.